Shows Sweet Dogs on Your New Tab Page See Sweet Dog Images on Your New Tab Page by Replacing the Default New Tab Page. See cute dogs every time you open up a new tab page in Chrome. This extension will display pictures of sweet dogs as Background Images. It also adds a Search field and Weather Data for your Area to the page and replaces your default search. After installing this extension, you get new features to your New Tab Page: Features: - This Extensions changes your default search as well as the New Tab Page. - The New Tab Page is being replaced with "https://dogs.startpage.gg". - This Extension configures your default search as startpage.gg in your Chrome Browser. - In the lower left corner you can see the actual time and date based on your current location. By clicking on it you can switch between 12 and 24 hours format. - In the lower right corner you can see weather information based on your current location - In the upper right corner you can see options to like and/or lock the current background image or decide to automatically rotate them each time you open a New Tab. Clicking "Add to Chrome", means you accept and agree to installing Dog Wallpapers, change the new tab, change the default search, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. You can reset your new tab page by uninstalling the extension: 1. Click on the icon given in the upper right-hand side of your Chrome browser. 2. Click “Settings”. 3. Choose “extensions”. 4. Select the actual extension you are aiming to uninstall. 5. Click the correlating trash icon on the right side to remove the extension.