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Anonymous View

Anonymous View by Startpage


Ready to be invisible? Anonymous View lets anyone access and explore websites without leaving a trace.

Startpage goes beyond private search with our proprietary private browsing feature, Anonymous View. This feature enables you to visit the websites from your search results anonymously, guaranteeing secure HTTPS connection, on both desktop and mobile devices. Anonymous View essentially acts like a VPN, but without an account or the fees.


While browsing with Anonymous View, your identity and data are completely shielded, meaning: 

No website cookies or trackers
No website fingerprinting
No price tracking or “optimized” prices based on you or your location
No social media trackers from sites like Facebook and Twitter

How to use

First, start your search on Startpage. For example, let’s look for information on “internet privacy.” Find and click on the Anonymous View mask icon next to the websites listed in your search results. This will instantly open the website with Startpage privacy. In fact, the website only sees that Startpage is visiting, and you remain completely hidden. The Startpage blue box around your browser window indicates Anonymous View is on and that you are viewing the website in true privacy. You can browse the page you’re visiting as well as click on links within.  Have fun, go explore, and rest assured that your identity and personal data are completely masked. 

Pro tips and helpful information about browsing with Anonymous View

  • Since Startpage uses a secure HTTPS connection, you can even stay private on unsafe networks, like at airports, train stations, or coffee shops.
  • Page loading will take a little longer. That’s because you’re visiting the website through a Startpage proxy, instead of through a direct connection.
  • Cookie and location notifications may appear multiple times because we block the cookies that record and store those private details. We think that’s a small price to pay for privacy.
  • If you use tools that block ads and scripts, you may notice that trackers and cookies are still fully operational in Anonymous View. No worries.
  • With Anonymous View, all they will see is Startpage visiting, not you. None of your data is logged or shared.
  • If you want to visit the website without Anonymous View protection and are comfortable with the website’s privacy policy, click “Visit Original Website” at the bottom right of the blue box. Anonymous View will be disabled.
  • Anonymous View now allows you to use the POST method. This means you will now be able to submit anonymous feedback or log in using alternate accounts and remain private within the Anonymous View session. However, please exercise caution when entering any data in a form, as Anonymous View cannot protect you from websites using or abusing data you have explicitly sent them.
Want to learn more about how our Anonymous View technology works?

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